2023 Mountain Man Memorial March




Honor * Through * Action


Registration for the 16th Annual MMMM,

to be held 21-22 April 2023, is open now and can be found here:

Mountain Man Memorial March Registration Page

Friday, 3 PM to 8 PM at Kingwood Property, 117 Stephen Dr, Gatlinburg, TN 37738​ just behind the Pi Beta Phi elementary school

Saturday, 5 AM to 7 AM at Kingwood Property, 117 Stephen Dr, Gatlinburg, TN 37738​ just behind the Pi Beta Phi elementary school




We thank the Mountain Man Memorial March faithful who were the bedrock in the successful return for the the 2022 in-person event which continues to Honor our Fallen and support our Gold Star Families!  To the new participants in 2022, we thank you for joining the MMMM family and we look forward to seeing you in future events.  We are so thankful for our participants, volunteers, partners and sponsors!  

The Mountain Man Memorial website can be found here:  https://mountainmanmemorialmarch.com/

For 2023, the Mountain Man Memorial March will be sponsored by Legacies Alive (https://legaciesalive.com/), a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization directly supporting our Gold Star Families.  We look forward to our partnership with Legacies Alive and where it takes us.

The 2023 Mountain Man Memorial March will continue to offer both the March events and the Run events. We look forward to having everyone who can return to Gatlinburg in 2023, race the Mountain Man Memorial March!

In addition to in-person racing and the usual categories in the team march, individual march and run events, we will also continue to offer a virtual racing option in 2023.  We believe many MMMM veterans want to return, but the virtual option will be there if you cannot make it to Gatlinburg, and you still wish to be a part of this tremendous event and mission.  Virtual racers will still receive the race shirt and participant medal, but will not compete for placing since conditions will vary at each of their location.  We hope this slight change to the format offering will accommodate all of our previous MMMM family and allow us to continue to grow the race in Honor of our Fallen and in support of the Gold Star Families left behind.  

This year we’ve added two additional categories for JROTC teams.  Both events for these JROTC teams will be at the half marathon distance and one will be heavy and the other light.

The run events include a full 26.2mi marathon, a 13.1mi half marathon, a 10K run and now* a 5K run. The run events are further divided into categories based on gender and age.

The march events have two distances – the full 26.2mi marathon and the 13.1mi half marathon. The march event subcategories will be defined further as follows –  an individual, as a team (5 members), in a civilian category or in a military qualification category.  Competitors in the Military category, whether competing as a team or as an individual, must be affiliated with a military organization or military type organization. Military teams or individuals may register in the civilian categories but civilians without military affiliation may not register in military categories. The March categories are further divided into Heavy and Light categories.  Heavy categories and Light categories have uniform and ruck sack weight requirements. Individual march events will be further divided into categories based on gender and age.  See the official rules for complete breakdown of categories and uniform requirements.

Pre-race packet pick-up will be published as we get closer to the date of the race. Location of packet pick up on both Friday and Saturday is at Mynatt Park. Race day registration will be available during both Friday and Saturday during the packet pick-up times already listed.  We are working with other organizations & vendors to also be available during both Friday and Saturday.  

Opening Ceremony begins at 7:45 AM on Saturday with the race beginning at 8:00 AM. Winners of the run events will be recognized and prizes awarded throughout the day as the running events culminate. 

The route begins in Gatlinburg and makes it way through Gatlinburg and into the Smoky Mountains. The route consists of paved road, gravel road, and other uneven terrain. The route is made of up of flat stretches, rolling hills, and steep climbs. Water points, snacks, medical aid and support staff will be positioned and available along the route, but it is highly recommended that all participants carry appropriate water and fuel to properly finish their race.

Honor through Action!

Remember the Fallen!