Q. What is the Mountain Man Memorial March?

A. “Honor through Action.” Simply put, this event honors the sacrifices of our American service members and their families. Nothing will give you a better appreciation of their sacrifice than to walk a mile, or 26.2, in their shoes and their weight on your back!

Q. When does registration begin?

A. You can register at link  provided on the Home page of the MMMM website. If the link is not working e-mail us at  emailus@mountainmanmemorialmarch.com. Register early to receive discounts. You can also register in person the morning of the event.

Q. How far apart are water points?

A. The average distance between water points is 3.75 miles. Each water point has water, snack food, and medical personnel. You will have numerous opportunities along the route to stop for food, water and medical needs.

Q. Is there medical aid?

A. Yes! Medical personnel will be located at the Start/Finish line and throughout the course. There will be an ambulance located at the Start/Finish line and the half way point. The medical personnel are EMTs and Paramedics volunteering their time for participants.

All necessary supplies will be handled by these trained professionals. They have worked this event for many years and know what needs to be done for you to complete the course in the safest possible way

Q. Where can I stay?

A. Many of the hotels and motels in and around the Gatlinburg area offer military rates. Call your preferred hotel to verify that they offer military rates.

Q. Who benefits?

A. Originally, The MMMM’s goal is to provide scholarship grants to Gold Star Family members. In 2016, the funds raised help to support the Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation’s campaign to construct the first Gold Star Family Memorial Monument in Tennessee.  In 2017, because of the devastating fires in and around Gatlinburg, the MMMM donated to the American Red Cross of East TN, the Gatlinburg Fire Department and the Gatlinburg Police Department.  In addition, The MMMM makes an annual donation to the University of Tennessee Army and Air Force ROTC programs, as well as the American Legion Post #2, Knoxville TN.

In 2020, the featured donation will be made in support of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Veterans Memorial which will be placed on the pedestrian walkway in the middle of campus. Other funds raised through sponsorship, donations and MMMM apparel sales will continue to support Gold Star Families.  

Hershel “Woody” Williams Medal of Honor Foundation

Wreaths Across America

Q. How much time do I have to complete the event?

A. There is no allotted amount of time to complete the march, however officials will bring you back to the finish point if it is getting dark and the course is not safe to navigate.

Q. Do I have to bring my own equipment?

A. Yes, we are unable to provide any equipment needed for the march. If you are in an organization that does not have the necessary equipment you can buy it yourself at most army/navy stores.

Q. Who can enter and what categories may I enter?

A. Anyone can participate.  The team and individual categories are military heavy full, military heavy half, military light full, military light half, civilian light full, civilian light half. Please see the rules for these categories. Military categories are open to government and veterans organizations with uniforms such as police and fire departments, Department of Energy, etc. All military personnel may compete in any category.

Q. Do I have to wear a uniform if I’m entering a military category?
A. Yes, participants in military categories must be in their organizational uniform. See official rules for uniform modifications.

 Q. How do you become a Sponsor?

A. If you would like to become a corporate sponsor see our “Sponsor us in 2020” page.  If you wish to donate time or funding to this event, please contact us at emailus@mountainmanmemorialmarch.com

Q. What does “service recognized” boots or equipment mean?
A. It is the footwear and equipment your organization authorized its personnel to wear as part of the uniform. For instance, U.S. Army personnel may not wear U.S. Marine Corps desert combat boots or other unauthorized boots.

Q. Can I use a Camelback instead of the LBE with canteen?
A. Yes. Military participants can carry a Camelback or an LBE/LCE/Molle.

Q. Do military heavy have to wear an LBE with the rucksack?
A. No. A Cambelback may be used in place of an LBE/LCE/Molle.  Any water carrying device may be placed in rucksack during the march but must be removed prior to and does not count towards the minimum weight requirements.

Q. What are the requirements for team categories?
A. Teams will consist of 5 members – no more, no less. All members must cross the finish line within 20 seconds of each other with all equipment and be weighed in at the weigh station to ensure that all members still have the required weight. Scales will be provided before the event for an unofficial weight measurement.

Q. Are team members required attending at the team representatives’ meeting?
A. No, only the team captain is required to attend.

Q. What is the weight requirement for the heavy categories?
A. Ruck plus frame must equal 35 pounds, not including water or items that may be picked up along the course (such as rocks.)  Many marchers use canned food products for their weight,  which can then be collected for the Sevier county food bank.

Q. For JROTC/ROTC entries in the team categories, may the instructors march with the cadets as a team member?
 Yes. Any JROTC/ROTC instructor assigned to the entered unit’s team may enter with the team and march as a member of that team. This is due largely to the fact that many JROTC teams require chaperones to march with their teams because of the participants’ ages (minors).

Q. I’m entering a non-military category – what type of shoe/boot do you recommend?
 It really depends upon your goal. If you are running for time, you want a solid running shoe. If you are walking, you might consider a lightweight hiking boot. Whatever type of footwear you decide to wear, train in the shoes/boots you intend to use on the march. You should have at least 100 miles on your marching footwear. This ensures your gear is broken in and will minimize the chance for blisters. You might also consider wearing gaiters to keep sand and rocks out of your shoes/boots.

Q. What food is available?
A. Lunch will be available at no cost for all marchers/runners or for purchase by those not registered in MMMM 2020.

Q. Can spectators go out on the route to watch?
 Because of the rugged nature of the course (much is along trails and washes), spectators are not allowed on the route. The safest and most comfortable place for spectators is at the start/finish line.

Q. Are strollers allowed on the route?
 No. This includes jogging and baby strollers.