Entry Fees & Categories

Mountain Man Memorial March Official Rules

Division Eligibility

  • Non-military categories are open to anyone, whether you are in the military or civilian. If you are in the military but wish to enter a non-military category you may.
  • Military categories are only open to certain military ID card holders. Eligible cardholders include active duty military, Reserves, National Guard and retirees. Other Military like organizations such as SWAT, Y-12 or DOE Security from Oak Ridge may also enter in the Military categories if they are in the proper uniform with the required equipment. Dependents may not enter military categories unless they themselves also fall into one of the previously mentioned groups.
  • ROTC/JROTC may enter in the military or civilian categories.

Individual or Team Military Divisions

  • Participants will wear BDUs, ACUs or their service equivalent uniform.
  • Non-standard T-shirts may be worn in place of the regulation T-shirts.
  • Participants can be in full uniform or service recognized boots, service uniform trousers, and  service recognized t-shirt, organizational t-shirt or MMMM t-shirt.  Boots may not be exchanged for any other foot gear along the route.  Anyone caught violating this rule will be disqualified.
  • Footwear is limited to military service recognized boots. Consult your service regulations. Hi-Tech style boots may be worn only if authorized by individual service regulations or commander.
  • All March categories are required to have a military style water source, i.e. LBE, LCE, camel-back or service equivalent.  Water carrying device does not have to worn through the race but will NOT be weighed as part of the official weight of the ruck sack.  If the marcher chooses to carry their water source in their ruck sack, the water source and all components of water carrying equipment, (LBV, canteens, canteen cup, etc) will be removed prior to weigh in.
  • Pioneering poles and hiking sticks are not authorized in any military division.

ROTC / JROTC Divisions

  • Senior ROTC team uniform requirements are the same as their respective military light or heavy counterpart.
  • Junior ROTC teams my enter in either Military or Civilian March categories.
  • In the JROTC team category, instructors may march with the cadets as a team member.

Individual or Team Non-military Divisions

  • All participants will wear footwear.
  • Participants registered in any non-military category may wear any footwear or attire, except a complete recognized military uniform, appropriate for road marching in the ever changing Smokey Mountain environment.
  • Individual components of military type clothing (i.e. BDU trousers, military boots, military headgear, etc.) may be worn, but the participant must be easily distinguishable as a non-military entrant by finish line personnel.
  • Teams representing organizations such as police or fire units may wear uniforms. Distinctive unit T-shirts are encouraged in lieu of uniforms made of material not suited for the terrain and environment found in Gatlinburg TN.
  • All  participants will have a water source along the route at all times.

Heavy Divisions

  • All participants will wear footwear.
  • Marchers in the heavy division must have a minimum of 35 pounds in their rucksacks/backpacks, which will be weighed and verified at the finish line.  The 35 pounds cannot include rocks, sandbags (unless securely taped shut), logs, water or other items which could be picked up along the route.  Marchers with less than 35 pounds will be disqualified from the competition.


  • All participants will wear footwear.
  • Teams will consist of 5 members – no more, no less.  All members must cross the finish line within 20 seconds of each other. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Any team finishing with less than 5 members will be disqualified.  No team will abandon or leave behind a member.  If a team member cannot continue, it is the team’s duty to ensure that they are left in the care of an aid station.  Leaving a comrade behind is not in the spirit of the military service of the United States of America.  Once a team member is left in the care of medical personnel, the remainder of the team may choose to complete the course, however, the entire team is disqualified from placing.


  • All participants will wear footwear.
  • Runners are encouraged, but no required, to have a water source with them along route.
  • Runners’ events will start after the march events.
  • Appropriate attire for the possibility of changing weather is recommended.


  • Minimum age to participate is 9 years old providing the individual is registered and marching with a parent/guardian or a member of the family 18 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the required waiver form.
  • All participants must sign the required waiver form.
  • CD players, boom boxes, etc., are allowed only if headphones are used.
  • Removal of signs or other markers is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  • Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather or cancellation of the march.
  • Numbers will be attached to the front of the uniform only.  Individual marchers/runners will have a timing device.  Team captains will have the timing device for the team.
  • Timing device must be attached to the uniform of the team captain at all time.
  • Vehicles are  now allowed on the course.  Teams may  have support vehicles along the route.  The support vehicle cannot trail or lead the marchers but may stage along the route, as safety and common sense allow, and provide the marchers with food or water.  Participants may not enter the support vehicle for any reason or disqualification will result. Non-participants may be staged along the route to encourage participants but may not follow participants along the route.
  • If the support vehicle provides equipment (boots, socks, clothing) the participants must remain in the appropriate uniform for the event they are participating in.  If a participant completes any portion of the march in any uniform other than the appropriate uniform for their category they will be disqualified.
  • Any participant who is further than water point 7 (Gatlinburg post office) at 7 PM will be picked up by race staff and driven to the finish line.
  • Only team captains will report to march officials with any discrepancies or grievances prior to the conclusion of the march.  March officials will make final decisions on all discrepancies or grievances.

    Good sportsmanship is expected at all times!