Gold Star Family Registration 2023

Mountain Man Memorial March Gold Star Family Eligibility Rules

1. The MMMM considers any service member who dies while on active duty as eligible to participate as an honoree.

2. The MMMM defines active duty as any service member on active duty, Reserve or National Guard orders at the time of death. “On orders” is defined as actively drilling or traveling to or from drill at the time of death.

3. The MMMM defines service member as any member of the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps or US Coast Guard. This definition includes Reserve or National service members who meet the criteria in #2.

4. A Gold Star Family Member defined by the MMMM will consist of the parent(s), biological or step, sibling(s), biological or step; spouse; and/or dependents. The MMMM will consider other family members on a case-by-case basis.

6. Any Gold Star Family member who has participated in the MMMM prior to 1 Jan 2014 but does not meet the above criteria will be allowed to continue participating at the discretion of the MMMM.

All decisions are at the discretion of the Organizers of the Mountain Man Memorial March. Furthermore, while the Organizers understand the sensitivity of families who have lost a loved one, unfortunately financial and operational constraints require the MMMM to limit the scope of the honorees to the original mission.



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