SGT Brandon Read

SGT Brandon Read



by Herobracelets
Sgt. Brandon Michael Read, Army, Iraqi Freedom

My son, Sgt. Brandon M. Read was killed in Q-West, Iraq on 9-6-04 by an IED. Brandon joined the army reserves before graduating from Greeneville High School in Greeneville, TN. He followed in the footsteps of his father SSG Mike Read. They were both attached to the 639th TC out of Kingsport, TN. During their first activation they were sent to Ft. Campbell, KY to support the 101st Airborne.

After 10 months of activation, some of the younger guys were released. Brandon came home to return to his job and move on. On Mothers day 2004, he was re-activated and attached to the 125th TC out of Lexington, KY. This time he wasn’t with his dad. Mike was still completing his 18 month active duty at Ft. Campbell.

Brandon held the gunner position on a mission near Mosul when they were hit by and IED on 9-4-04. His convoy, his truck suffered the damage. He and the driver were slightly injured and the truck was heavily damaged. On the return mission Brandon again held the gunner position. His convoy, his truck, again, suffered and IED attack. This time there was one casualty, Sgt. Brandon Michael Read, 21 of Greeneville, TN.

Brandon is a hero in the eyes of his family. My other son, Jaymon, lost his brother and best friend that day and Mike, myself and Brandon’s family lost a wonderful young man who had just begun his life. Brandon loved his family and friends more than anything and that’s is why he followed his father’s steps and joined the military. After 9-11, Brandon was one of the first in his unit to sign on the dotted line and volunteer to do whatever he had to do to protect us.

I am so proud of the little boy that he was, the man that he became and the angel that he is.

Freedom is NOT free…….this is the land of the FREE because of the BRAVE……

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